On Android

At JetDog we like being exposed to different systems.  We run Windows XP -> 7 laptops and desktops, Mac laptops, Blackberries and we've got a couple of Linux servers keeping everyone happy.  And now we've made the foray into Android devices.


Well, what attracted us first to Android is the OS.  Anything *nix based can't be wrong, right?  Secondly, the devices themselves are (generally) quite powerful.  Let's face it these are not phones.  These are connectivity devices.  

Speaking of connectivity, the obvious allure of our blackberries was the fact that the client used the same email system as our desktops.  They also queried the same LDAP contacts system.  The big question was, could we do the same with Android?

Well, yes, of course.

To start we had to root our device.  This got us access to the system at a level that is restricted from users.  Yes, you can void your warranty doing this, but it's worth it, right?  Next, we installed Busybox, OpenVPN, K-9 Mail, an LDAP contact synchronizer and... welll, heck, we'd suddenly all the benefits of the Blackberry... and we hadn't even gotten started yet.

What's next?  The sky is the limit.  Actually, it's the battery.  Stay tuned!